Recently NEW Associates has:

  • Prepared background reports on health issues for a candidate for major office that were reflected in the candidate's well-received position paper
  • Researched, wrote, conducted photo research, and collaborated with a graphic designer for a private foundation’s 100 th anniversary report
  • Participated in strategic communications planning projects for three nonprofit organizations
  • Two op-eds we wrote/ghost-wrote were published—two days in a row!—in spring 2005
  • Analyzed competitors’ web sites for a research group, leading to improved organizational positioning
  • Wrote/edited grant proposals for nonprofit organizations (last year, several proposals we worked on were successfully funded)
  • Facilitated creation of a new genome research institute
  • Helped organize New Jersey’s 4 th Annual Asian-American Forum, on end-of-life care


Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.
-- Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi