Neil and Vicki Weisfeld
are the principals of NEW Associates, LLC. We also have an extensive network of professionals in specific content areas or with specific technical skills whom we partner with on individual projects, as needed. Our ability to assemble a high-quality team quickly is a high-value, low overhead advantage to our clients.

Neil E. Weisfeld


Neil Weisfeld is a health policy analyst, public health advocate, and strategic planner experienced in writing and communication. During his 30-year career Neil has served as a professional associate with the Institute of Medicine, policy adviser in the office of the New Jersey State Commissioner of Health, and deputy executive director of the Medical Society of New Jersey. Areas of expertise include access to care for minorities, gene therapy policy, tobacco control, managed care, regulation of hospitals and nursing homes, malpractice liability, and diverse other issues. His academic training was in law and public health. He chairs the Board of Trustees of Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, is immediate past president of the McCarter Theatre Associates Board, and is a member of the adjunct faculty of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and the Board of Trustees of the New Jersey Asian-American Association for Human Services.

Vicki Weisfeld has worked in the health care field for more than 30 years, in research and policy institutions, for non-profit organizations, and in philanthropy. She has combined her academic training in public health and journalism in a career devoted to helping health care organizations develop social marketing programs, disseminate information and form alliances to improve health care delivery, achieve their institutional mission and strengthen their strategic position. She has developed and managed award-winning communications programs in community health, end-of-life care and public television outreach. She is a past president, Communications Network in Philanthropy. Major employers were the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Princeton, New Jersey, and the Institute of Medicine, Washington, DC. She serves on the board and advisory committees of several media organizations--Channel G, Public Access Journalism, and WHYY's Wider Horizons--as well as community groups: New Jersey Health Decisions and Family and Children's Services of Central New Jersey.

Victoria D. Weisfeld


All Work No Play . . .

We have an outside-the-office life, too. Neil's interests include:

  • Horseback riding (a spill in February 2004 that broke 8 ribs and required 12 days in the hospital provided a graduate education in what’s wrong with US hospital care)
  • Theatre - a passion we share
  • His "Princeton Mystery Tour" visits key sites associated with famous unsolved and semisolved Central New Jersey murders
  • His Historical Tour of Princeton, full of the area's interesting and idiosyncratic past, has been a treat for family and friends. Read more
Whereas, Vicki:
  • Loves to garden, tend the pond, and photograph the results (but you knew that)
  • Write mystery stories featuring Eugenia Clarke, a travel writer whose work takes her around the world, where she uncovers a great deal more than “charming bistros” and “stunning views.” These opening lines give the idea:
  • From the first day of the Mediterranean tour, Eugenia Clarke sensed she was on a collision course with the clique of gabbling teenage girls.
  • For a dozen days, Jack Negroponte's ghost had lurked in Eugenia Clarke's consciousness, ever since a half-drunk miner told her the story in a dockside Ketchikan bar.
  • And, she has been drawn into a bake-a-thon with their law student daughter.



People tell me I’m lucky. And I tell them that the harder I work, the luckier I get.
— Carol Burnett